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some of these are aweful but some of them are funny, or downright terrifying. for instance, is that first picture a GIANT SPIDER EATING A HUGE BIRD?


Sydney Harbour in New South Wales, Australia. Definitely one of the most beautiful cities I've ever visited. Not just that, but the people who live there are all incredibly hospitable. I'd love to go back one day to take in the culture for a week or two.

Lady Musgrave Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australi

Great Barrier Reef, Australia Great Barrier Reef is located in Australia. It is the world’s biggest coral reef system. This wonderful place includes over reefs. Great Barrier Reefs is a perfect place for tourists who love diving and are interested i

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The Sydney Harbour Bridge is an iconic image to fellow Australians and the whole world over.


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Victoria, Australia #australia

Great Ocean road Victoria, Australia Break your exploration with a stay at Hopkins River Homestead Warnambool.

Australia! Australia! Theres nothing like Australia!!!!

From the Gallery of Photographer John White Below is a set of amazing photos from Australian photographer John White.

Australia. Australia. Australia.

Australia officially known as Commonwealth of Australia. Australia is a very beautiful country. This post contains beautiful Australia wallpapers