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red dog - Sandy by Acts of Dog

sweet little Australian Kelpie Puppy Dog

Sweet little Australian Kelpie Puppy Dog Chocolate/white

Australian Kelpie puppy

He's an Australian Kelpie. And he's a dog, not a wet horse from hell.

Australian Kelpie Dog

Australian Kelpie Dogs--Look at all the ears! The one that is second to the left sits like my dog when he wants something!

australian kelpie.

Happy dog on the turf.

Australian Kelpie

In Australia, there are two separate registries for Kelpies. The working Kelpie…

Fawn Australian Kelpie

Fawn Australian Kelpie, I've never seen one in this colour before.

This looks like my Australian Kelpie, Kali Rose!

gorgeous Kelpie

‘Working class man’ by Penny Kittel

Australian Kelpie

australian kelpie puppies, grant and I just had 6 last week, can't wait for them to open their eyes!

Australian Kelpie Dog

Rusty the red Kelpie.

Australian Kelpie Dog

Yeti, the Kelpie gives the cutest head tilt when she is curious about something.

Australian kelpie  black

Australian kelpie black by eileen

Australian Kelpie Dog

such a beautiful dog, a kelpie (austrailian sheep dog)

Australian Kelpie

Buy 'Australian Kelpie' by Penny Brooks as a Greeting Card. The Kelpie is an Australianbreed of sheepdog that originated from the crossing between Scottish Sheepdogs and Smooth-Haired Collies of the past. Thebreed is outstanding at herding.