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a coffee cup with the words has sido envenenado written on it
Taza veneno 😈
a sign that is on the side of the road with words in spanish and english
18 Anuncios de cafeterías y bares que fueron creados por genios del marketing
18 Publicistas que se llevan el premio al mejor mercadólogo
a sign on the sidewalk that says coma aca o ambos morremos de hambre - el duero
a sign that is in a bowl on a table
an open book with the words be still and know on it
Hand Painted Bible // Joyful Sunset
A beautiful hand painted bible by BiblesandBrushesCo
Hand Painted Bible // The Deep Waves of the Sea 🌊
Hand Painted Bible // The Deep Waves of the Sea 🌊
Custom Painted Bible Timelapse
Cortney submitted her custom Bible idea and described this garden- one she pictures every time she spends time with Jesus. She envisions them walking arm in arm, dancing, talking, and being together- in this garden. The flowers go on as long as the eye can see. Remember that the goodness and might and beauty and faithfulness and love of the Lord our God is the same way. It goes from everlasting to everlasting. In other words, forever and ever.
two notebooks sitting next to each other on a table with paintbrushes nearby
Three Eleven - Beautiful Hand-painted bibles & faith based gifts!
a person holding up a card with the words glory on it in front of a mountain scene
an open book sitting on top of a bed
Lighthouse bible painting
two open books sitting on top of a bed