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Brianna Carter

Brianna Carter
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Love Harry Potter.

Yes, I am a Christian. No, I don't think Harry Potter is evil. This is exactly me I'm like I am Christian and I do believe in God but that doesn't mean I can't read about wizards and love witches. It's not like I'm devoted to witchcraft.

Try this girls!!! I will

I heard this story a couple years ago, I still think it's super cute! I don't care if it's a chain letter, I'm posting for the story! (And the small sad hope in my hopeless romantic heart that the bit at the end is true T-T)

Repin! Only if you want to!

I'm not doing this for the repost! I'm doing it to show my love for god! If you believe this then don't repost it. If you believe in god and love him repost this and leave the comment!