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17 Apps for Teachers in 2017 |

17 Apps for Teachers in Tech tools can help teachers reach kids in a variety of different ways, and can prepare kids for the kinds of tools they'll use when they are out of school and become working members of their communities.

Favorite part of my classroom #happyclassrooms #teachersofinstagram shout out wall. Positive classroom.

Shout out can be used for student shout outs- positive behavior. Another way to use it is to write down student answers and use them on this board.

I feel like my high school did me a slight disservice...     guess I have a little work to do.

{started looking at this list and saw some words i didn't recognize as a COLLEGE graduate. O__O time to get to work!} 100 Words Every High School Student Should Know Gonna work on this

Mrs Steffenson's Kindergarten: 2D Shape Pizzas

TEKS: Audience: Kinder Behavior: Identifying shapes Condition: Making pizzas using different shapes and completing the sheet describing the different shapes. I would use this in my classroom to get the students thinking about different shapes.