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Newbury, Berkshire England  ·  Honoured mum of four children and honourary ordained minister in the Church of England
Gill Briggs
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A Letter to my Kids: I Want You to Be a Table-Flipper - Missional Motherhood

Strengthen your child's Emotional Intelligence (E.): Kids feel a lot of feelings all the time, but haven't yet mastered the art of self-regulation. Research shows emotion coaching parents can help.

The perfect family is a myth. Every family experiences stress-provoking changes time and time again. Some families, however, are better able to cope with tough times. Science defines these families.

Little Family Liturgies – Formingfaith

Little Family Liturgies – Formingfaith

Is The Fear Of Missing Out Preventing Us From Simplifying Our Kids

We’re lead to believe that our kids need to be scheduled, their time accounted for. But, what they really need is freedom.