Foods that Australia Brought the World #infographic #Food #Australia

Foods that Australia Brought the World #infographic

How to make the easiest pavlova EVER!

4 egg whites at room temperature pinch of salt cups of sugar 2 teaspoons cornflour 1 teaspoons white wine vinegar A fw drops of vanilla extract To top your pav: A bottle of cream Any fruit you like

The Macadamia is a native rainforest tree known to the Aboriginals as Kindal Kindal. Its home is the rich volcanic soils of northern New South Wales and South East Queensland where it thrives in the warm sub-tropical climate and high annual rainfall.

Do you know Macadamia nuts are from Australia? It's a high-nutrition oil used in…

Bush tucker which includes Cedar Bay Cherry.

Local Australian foods that can be found foraging in the bush are overlooked by chefs, Josh Whiteland says.

Gubinge: the Australian Indigenous Superfood and the highest natural source of Vitamin C on the planet

Territory True: The Kakadu Plum, a traditional bush food here in the NT, has the highest vitamin C content in the world. One single plum has over 50 times the vitamin C found in an orange.

Australian Busters Recipe (One Perfect Bite) | Busters are savory biscuits or crackers that were given this unusual name because when eaten without caution they become belt busters. They are made from a cheesy dough that is very much like the dough used to make a pie.

One Perfect Bite: Australian Busters - This is a recipe for a savory biscuit or cracker. Serve with roasted tomato soup and salad.

Top 10 Australian Native Foods You Need in your Kitchen

Australian bush foods are rarely seen in shopping baskets or on restaurant menus, but this is starting to change in Australia and around the world. A 1 Million Women special infographic.

Ten Australian native superfoods

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20 Ways To Eat A Tim Tam There are very few times I actually seriously miss wheat. This is one. WANT TIM TAMS.

20 Ways To Eat A Tim Tam

Ways To Eat A Tim cookie ever!" And don't forget the original method - open the packet, get one out and eat it.then demolish the whole packet!

A Happy Little Vegemite. As Australian as...❤️

It's nutritious and delicious (in a salty concentrated yeast sort of way), but we warn you: A little bit goes a long way. Learn to love Vegemite, an essential Aussie food. ONE of the only constant sources of VIT B

Australian Lamington Official Website: History of the Australian Lamington & recipe. Chocolate & coconut covered, jam filled, mini sponge cakes. #AustraliaItsBig

Australian Lamington Official Website: History of the Australian Lamington & recipe.

Morton Bay Bug. A horribly ugly delicacy in Australia

A horribly ugly delicacy in Australia. Eto ba yun in Wonderland Calupcupan ?Yung hinahanap mo na sea creature?

VEGEMITE - was invented in 1922 at the Fred Walker Cheese Company, in Melbourne, Australia. They  wanted to find ways of using vitamin rich brewer's yeast (a byproduct of brewing beer). Dr. Cyril Callister, was the actual inventor of Vegemite. After a national naming competition with a prize of £50, the name Vegemite was picked and the product hit the shelves.

VEGEMITE - was invented in 1922 at the Fred Walker Cheese Company, in Melbourne…

The native Australian Kakadu Plum has the highest vitamin C content of any fruit in the world #kakaduplum #indigenous #australian #native #kakadu

kakadu plum - a superfood from Northern Australia with strong antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal activities and also, anti carcinogenic effects on human tissue.

Witchety Grub - Larva of the Cossid moth, Endoxyla Leucomochla, and other wood-eating moths, is sought out by Indigenous Australian Aborigines as the most important high-protein insect food of the desert.

The Goliath Beetle is one of the largest insects on Earth. The monster shown here is the grub (larva) of this colossus. Like the ugly duckling, it grows into an elegant adult. - SO GROSSE!

Australia Fare

Possom Pie Beetroot Beer and Lamingtons: Australian Family Recipes 1868 to 1950 by Victoria Heywood