More ideas from sharen
1. On watercolor paper, students draw in pencil a horizontal line across the middle of the page. They add a variety of underground vegetables below (carrots, beets, scallions, etc.) and stems and leaves above. 2. All pencil lines are traced with a crayon, pressure is needed to create dark lines. 3. The vegetable shapes are painted in with watercolor paint. When complete, the ground, leaves and sky are painted as well.

Idea: students bring in one to two fruits or vegetables to observe and paint. Art Projects for Kids: Vegetable Garden Watercolor Painting. This will be great to celebrate our spring garden planting we are doing.

Looking up at the snowman. Second grade art project.

Grade 2 worm's eye view of snowman, like the use of oil pastel resist plus the brightness of the watercolors! Learn about Perspective with Worm's Eye View and Bird's Eye View paired together!

Middle school spooky houses. From art teacher in L.A. Blog

HALLOWEEN ART LESSON- Spooky Houses in Watercolor & Oil Pastel. Here's a great Halloween art lesson for any grade level. These Spooky Houses can be easily adapted for grade and up.

Art at East!: First Grade Line Art

The first grade classes have been learning about line art this week! First we learned about curvy lines, straight lines and angle lines.