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a piece of bread with red sauce on it that says, you are italian when you clean your plate with bread at the end of a meal
You are Italian when you clean your plate with bread at the end of a meal.
a man sitting in a chair with bread on the table
Soo True
the five stages of an italian saying goodbye to someone who is in love with you
Anything missing? 😂
there are many different types of food on the table and one is saying italian be like we are just having a small meal
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two women are making something out of red stuff
Italy - IN FASHION daily
there are two sandwiches with different toppings on them and one has meat in it
a man standing in front of the ocean holding his hands up to say italian 20 % words
27 Of The Funniest Memes About Italy
a large group of people standing in front of each other with the words italians be like family is coming over
an old man wearing a hat and coat with the caption saying smiling for a photo
two key chains with red plastic objects attached to them, one in the shape of a pepper
there are many different types of desserts in the tray together with caption that reads, every italians biggest weakness