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That poor man was killed for knowing too much :/

John F Kennedy - A True American. He Tryed To Warn Us about the Socialist/Marxist Movement Called The New World Order That Is Destroying Our Nation Today Lead By Far Left Radical Communists. He was killed for a reason. He was a threat to the NWO agenda.

@tata75935 I used this quote for something I wrote, I will have to send it to you when I get the computer back

Frankly, this does not sound like a JFK quote. This doesn't even feel like a JFK quote. Perhaps someone has taken Internet liberty and license to attribute this to him. "One person can make a difference, and everyone should try." John F.

I had no idea what being a good person is considered but I guess I am - a Liberal that is . . .

JFK and Eleanor Roosevelt were Liberals. The true good Liberals. Not some of these morons today that's making the rest look like psychos. The definition of liberal has been skewed and twisted.