Brittany Pollard

Brittany Pollard

Brittany Pollard
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I will soon forget the color of your eyes and you will forget mine

"I'll soon forget the color of your eyes and you'll forget mine." Terrwyn said with downcast eyes. Tynan grasped her hands firmly. I will never forget you, or the color of your eyes.

I told my crush I liked him and he told his best friend who told everybody. At lunch his friend told me come get your boyfriend. I said three words back and walked away as he yelled he said he wants to go out with you right now. I looked at my crush and he was was shaking his head. No I didnt. Now this quote is all I can say. Him is all I can think about. Later that day I was on kik scrolling through my list deleting people and I noticed he changes his name to I truly love her. I laughed he…

you broke my heart into a million pieces. i thought you and i were going to grow old together. that the day i walked down the aisle with my daddy by my side, you would be standing at the end of it smiling.