Use Australian food containers as decoration for your Australia Day party this year.  Add native flowers to Vegemite, Rosella and VB bottles.

use australian food containers as decoration for your australia day party this year. add native flowers to vegemite, rosella & vb bottles.

Snakes | A Definitive Ranking Of Australian Lollies And Chocolates - Lolly Snakes the non-deadly type unless you eat a whole bag - good kids party bag fillers. Especially love Allen's Lolly snakes, All Natural Red snakes and Starburts Annaconda they go great at morning tea time @24-7 Party Paks kids birthday party supplies ideas pin board


The best way to cope with all the deadly snakes in Australia is by symbolically eating them.

Just a Mum's No Bake Jelly Slice

Just a Mum's No Bake Jelly Slice

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So you’ve decided to host an Australia Day BBQ for your family and friends? Australia Day really is the perfect chance to enjoy the beautiful summer weather, while eating yummy food and playing a game or two of cricket.