Aging with latex Pull skin tight then together with laxet to give aging effect

This picture makes the latex look very obvious, but in real life, it never actually looked distinct from the rest of my skin.

1940s  Natural and red lip

make up -The glamorous era of the brought makeup to a new level of femininity.

1920's - 1930s  Finger waves and red lip

Bee stung lips, the artistry attempts to hide the dehydration and late nights of the flapper party girls.

Air brushing machine! Touch of pink

Touch of pink

Scars and burns  Done with putty

Burn Scars SFX prosthetics and accessories I& pretty sure this is from American Horror Story: Murder House

Egyptian make up Very bold

Cleaopatra was not a pure-blooded Egyptian but a Greek who only learned to speak Egyptian language. Fooled us didn't she?

1980s Very bright colours

pink makeup look with fuchsia eyeshadow and bright pink lipstick

Geisha makeup  White face

Tokyo, Japan The maiko (apprentice geisha) Naokazu serving tea at an outdoor tea ceremony, part of the Plum Blossom Festival, Kitano Tenmangu Shrine. Image by Michael Chandler