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Deviled Sausages with Apple | Official Thermomix Recipe Community My kids love this mixed with pasta and baked with mash on top sprinkled with grated cheese..

Recipe Deviled Sausages with Apple by Melinda_thermomix - Recipe of category Main dishes - meat WINNER! Replace sugar with coconut sugar or leave out

Thermomix paleo bread

Some of you may know me as “Treens”, the name I use to sign off at the end of a post I have written on Hot Pink Chilli. I guess you could say that I am the other hot pink chilli alongside Jodi!

Sundried Tomato Risotto with Chicken, Mushroom and Maple Roasted Pumpkin Bellini BIKM Thermomix

One of the meals I cooked this week and mentioned earlier was this risotto. For me, risotto is always a winner. You can put anything in it, smother it in sour cream, and usually the little people w.

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Hello everyone, I just got a message in my in box with the heading "The MOST important DOC ever! Racing to open it and I am literally laughing out loud when I find it is a list of Thermomix C.