Terrific infographic on our government - who takes care of what? A Venn Diagram for our government. Great for social studies.

There are different rules that govern behavior in different settings. Ten Rules of Being a Superhero by Deb Pilutti

GLE Identify the 3 branches of government and describe their major responsibilities. grade: Civics GLE Explain the structure and functions of the 3 branches of government

book to use when discussing about laws and how governments come up with rules. "If Kids Ruled the World." If Kids Ruled the World.

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SOCIAL SKILLS Rules And Laws {Why We Have Them And Follow Them}

Rules and Laws, why we have them and follow them. Fun activities to help children who do not understand this important concept.

SOCIAL SKILLS Rules And Laws {Why We Have Them And Follow Them}

SOCIAL SKILLS Rules And Laws {Why We Have Them And Follow Them}

Rules and Laws: Why we have them and follow them. Differentiated activities to help children learn the benefits to having rules and laws.

Australian Government Basics Mini Unit

Engage your students in Australian government with this Civics and Citizenship mini unit. Covering Australian Government Structure, Voting rights in Australia and Citizenship.

Australian Government Basics Bundle

Introduce your students to government in Australia with this look at Australian Government structure, voting rights and citizenship. This bundle includes a mini unit, vocabulary games, word wall and posters. #Australianresources #australianteachers #australiancurriculum #teachingresources #socialstudies #civicsandcitizenship

Levels of Government in Australia COMPLETE BUNDLE (Year 6 HASS)

Year 6 Government in Australia teaching resource bundle containing 2 mini units, assessment resources and a word wall and posters package. Assist students to explore the three levels of government in Australia through fact sheets, activities, case studies and discussions. Includes 5 assessable tasks, answer keys, marking rubrics and extensive teaching notes. Designed for Year 6 HASS/Social Studies Australian Curriculum outcomes