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One secret that perhaps they have never shared. Some of the things people have been through that almost no one else knows about would just break the hearts of others if told. Be kind for you never know what has really happened in another person's life.

Sarcastic Memes

It's true, sarcasm is apart of the English language. Whether your sarcasm is muddled between breathes or out in the open, it's a virtue that's here to stay.


I kinda wanna be like just a regular textpost account bc then there's a lot more to post and you can reach out to other fandoms too besides THG but idk what you guys would think of it tbh by mellarkes

DIY: DIP DYED SHORTS (Step by Step How to and Tips) | Only the Best Beauty

I so rather make these than tie dye shirts. First bleach the shorts then buy different color clothes dye. Dip part of the short in at each different dye, do the middle first. You might have to bleach the stuff you colored while getting the middle

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