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a table with water running from it in the middle of a garden filled with plants
Future Feast in the Garden of Flow/Accumulation
Raised beds, collecting rainwater as well. - perhaps tiered beds can have a French drain at the end that catches excess water run off from the rain. It would be a larger area to collect rain water and would only be extra If the other plants were all watered.
an old brick building with ivy growing on it's side and a metal roof
Flinders Property — Michael Gordon Hill
an aerial view of the garden and patio from above, looking down on the lawn
Mirror House - Secret Gardens: Sydney Landscape Architecture
Mirror House, Woollahra - Secret Gardens Landscape Architecture
an outdoor area with trees, benches and a fire pit in the middle of it
A lush multi-purpose garden with clever entertaining zones
outdoor living: a multi-purpose garden
a wooden bench sitting next to a wall with plants growing on it and two blue pillows
40 Brilliant Ideas for Your Outdoor Lounge | SHAIROOM.COM
an outdoor living area with wooden slatted doors
s h u t t e r u p. Close out the world for privacy or slide open your #shutters to enjoy the view🌲 #privacy #weathercontrol…
an outdoor area with plants and trees in front of a modern house on the street
According To Bbooks | Becca Booker
A modern city garden - desire to inspire - desiretoinspire.net
a dog standing in front of a glass house
Photo taken by Lincoln Barbour for Mosaik Design of Portland "Redefining the term open kitchen"
an outdoor bathroom with wooden flooring and large trees in the back ground, surrounded by greenery
Ginggaanbai Ltd. / ออกแบบสวน - จัดสวน ในสไตล์มินิมอลโมเดิร์น
GING garden basin