New life, Turnbull, Coco in her coat and Johnny all being hand reared

Leaving the cattle yards can sometimes be akin to leaving home, not all animals that come to a farm, leave the farm for the markets, become food or to breed on other peoples farm.

It's father's day in Australia and most families celebrate with a get together, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. But living the distance that we do it's hard at this time of the year. I know I have siblings in other states that would also .

Summer, sausages and BBQ's in Australia 3yum

The time to BBQ, it’s that time of the year in SA, well coming to it, when families want to move meal times from inside in the warmth to outside in the heat and BBQ. A few tips to make the evening pleasant – without using citronella candles.

This picture was taken in 2008 when the Australian bush got digital signal. This is the farmer trying to make or receive a call on his new cell phone or mobile phone as they are called In Australia. We have vast areas of populations - we as an island a.

This is a joke right

Let's talk about vegans, wool, and whether or not it is cruel. There is currently a meme going around on social media that makes my bloo.

I have decided to do my life on the farm in Sesame Street style, and give credit where credit is due. It has come from yesterday where I spent the better part of my day making phone calls, taking phone calls, feeding baby Jack (Black the Angus bull), h.

Chooks new home

Chickens before the eggs, moving into Caloundra Farm from cages to large pen then in 3 weeks free range. They are penned at night to stop them being dinner f.

2016 11 02 21 48 38 Hay Raking

Raking Hay whilst the sunshines

It's been cold, wet and raining in South Australia, in fact on the farm it's gumboot / wellies weather. Dams are full for the first time in 5 years, animals are under shelters and in coats to keep warm. Cats have found seats all over the lounge.