Exclusively Food: Chocolate Slice Recipe

This moist chocolate coconut slice is quick and easy to make. Preparation time: about 20 minutes (excludes baking time). Makes 16 pieces .

Exclusively Food: Lemon Coconut Slice Recipe

Lemon Coconut Slice Recipe ~ This quick and easy no-bake slice has a moist, coconutty base and a soft, sweet lemon icing. It is finished with a sprinkling of coconut.

Lemon Brownies - Page 2 of 2

Lemon Brownies

The Taylor House: Lemon Brownies. I'm thinking a handful of dried Cranberries or Cherries would amp these already stellar bars up.

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Merle's Slice : Country Women’s Association cake champion Merle Parrish shares her very own slice recipe, using coconut, brown sugar and a hint of vanilla.

Passionfruit custard slice

Passionfruit custard slice

Passion fruit Custard Slice Arnotts biscuits make this custard and passion fruit slice super easy!

Recipe Picture:Easy Peasy Lemonade Scones

Easy Peasy Lemonade Scones

ANZAC Biscuits Recipe

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Dig In: banana oat bread

Banana Oat Bread (Merle Parrish-from-the-CWA recipe)