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Design Operations of Vitaly Bulgarov

SUBD-based, VFX-production friendly “ULTRABORG” KitBash Library is almost here! Currently preparing the mesh files for export and also creating IMM brushes for ZBrush users. Here are some images for the Armor Pack.


confused how i would properly do this chamfered bracket like shape with not tris and cleaner topology.

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Rhino WIP Subdivision Surface Project - Serengeti / Sub-D - McNeel Forum

A few of you have asked for an update on the Rhino WIP subdivsion surface project that was mentioned at RM We are adding a core subdivision surface object to Rhino and it will be available for testing in Rhino WIP…

Jensen : Here's a piece done for Nvidia. The idea was to use the Nvidia swoop as part of the design language, so you see it throughout the character. The overall design was provided, and the more intricate details and functionality we

ArtStation - Daily characters (2), Katya Gudkina

ArtStation - Daily characters (2), Katya Gudkina