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Peter Scherr

Peter Scherr
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Pork Chow mein - Karen martini

This was one of my mother's staple dishes when I was growing up. In my reinvention, I've added a bit more spice and detail and some crunchy noodles for a textural contrast.

Grandma Ople's  Apple Pie

This is our family's favorite apple pie recipe - Grandma Ople's I don't often do the fancy lattice top and instead mix the sliced apples in with the butter/sugar mixture. I also buy the Pillsbury refrigerated pie crusts to save time.

Apple Sour Cream and Walnut Pie - Maggie Beer

Maggie referred to Tamasins Weekend Food – Cooking to come home to by Tamasin Day-Lewis for this recipe Serves 6 – 8 1 2 kg granny smith apples peeled and cored large) using lemon juice to sto