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there are many paintings on display in this room
Graphic Art in NSW | Dalmeny | www.jbarthouse.com.au
jbarthouse at obdm
an abstract painting with blue, pink and white colors on it's face is shown
Forever More - mixed media painting of Mother and Child. http://fionahillartist.com.au/ - a new stallholder at the markets for the first time today
many different pictures with red food in them
Stallholder Sneak Peek
people are shopping in an indoor market with colorful banners hanging from the ceiling above them
A different view of the markets (via Wombat Frames)
carrots, radishes and other vegetables are piled on top of each other
Fresh Produce from Rowan Farm
a colorful bowl sitting on top of a table
Isnt this rainbow bowl by Arcen Ceil Custom Glass pretty?
many different patterns and colors are shown in this collage, including squares, triangles, and circles
Stallholder 'Colour-Pop-Texture' Sneak Peek
a table topped with lots of different types of milks and glasses filled with liquid
Soy Chic Candles - Old Bus Depot Market
Soy Chic Candles - Soy candles: are vegetable based, are non toxic, burn 25% to 50% longer than regular candles, burn cleaner and cooler, release fragrance for the entire burn, can be used as a moisturiser for your skin.
a woman standing in front of a display case filled with white jewelry and necklaces
Talented jeweller, Paula Natasha Chavez
a blue chair with two pillows on it in a room filled with furniture and other items
Quirky stallholder 'The Lost and Found Office'
a collage of photos with people and food in them, including bread, jams, flowers, and candles
Stallholder Sneak Peek on Canberra's Birthday weekend! The lovely Carina from Neo Naturally Australia, Glenbog Nursery, Chunky Honey from Australian Honey Cellars, Forbidden Essence smells amazing at Être Candles, Filone (still warm from the oven) at Dom's Woodfired Bread
a collage of photos with various items on display
A snapshot of some stallholders who were here on the weekend for our Theme Event RETRO DEPOT: April's Caravan (Miss Mae), Ritzy Bits, LibrianChic, Retro Vacation, The Owls are Hunting, Circa Collectables, Vintage Vamps and Suzie Edmonds.
Vintage Vamps were at the markets for our Theme Event Retro Depot
Vintage Vamps were at the markets for our Theme Event Retro Depot
an abstract painting of red and yellow flowers on a green background with grass in the foreground
Sarah E Gallery3 - Old Bus Depot Market
Gallery3 always have such lovely work on display
several different pictures of food including pizzas, cookies and other foodstuffs on display
Some tasty Sunday take home treat ideas from Crème n’ Sugar Pâtisserie, Protia Wholefood's RAD Muesli and White Dragon Tea, Luscious Dips and La Pizza Cucina. YUM!