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three hot air balloons flying over the water in front of a large building and trees
This spectacular summer image was captured by Instagrammer peggy_alice at Lake Burley Griffin in the heart of Canberra! Thanks for sharing and tagging #visitcanberra
the ferris wheel is lit up at night
Canberra news, sport and weather
Floriade Nightfest 2013. Photo: Katherine Griffiths
four rowers are rowing in the water near a tower
Lake Rowers - Canberra
a field full of red and purple tulips in the middle of it's blooming season
Floriade Tulips
many hot air balloons are flying in the sky over a bridge at sunset or dawn
Hot air balloons over nation's capital
Hot air balloons fly over Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra
the sun is setting behind a hill with a radio tower
gallerytwentyseven Afterglow - Canberra
a large triangular building with colorful lights on it's side and the sky in the background
March after dark. The Enlighten Festival - bringing stunning light projections on some of Canberra's most iconic attractions.
a man standing in front of a hot air balloon
The Canberra Times | Canberra, ACT
Brumbies' Joe Tomane. Photos by Rohan Thomson.
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ANZAC biscuits - Wholesome Cook
The Australian War Memorial, Canberra
a large blue and red bird shaped balloon in the air
Canberra, may the hot air force be with you
A giant peacock will take flight over Canberra for the Centenary Balloon Spectacular.
a man standing in front of a bus next to another bus on the side of the road
Meet Matilda, queen of Eddie's heart
Matilda is "coming home" to the depot next month as part of our celebrations for Canberra's 100th birthday.