Garma Festival, a Vibrant Celebration of YoIngu Aboriginal People


Aboriginal Images ~ A Cultural Lesson Plan Years Summary of lesson plan: Students will analyse an Aboriginal Image. They will use their detective skills to work out what is happening

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The Nuclear War Against Australia’s Aboriginal People

An Australian Aborigine stands before a large rock known as Uluru/Ayers Rock. Parts of the rock and the land around it are sacred to the Aborigines of the area.


On average, Indigenous Australians will die 20 years earlier than non-Indigenous Australians.

Australian Indigenous People(s) in Justice (Model Practices) - mainly focused on criminal and restorative justice, a site of abstracts with links to articles, some on social justice and the importance of education.

The Aboriginal Australians performing Woggan-ma-gule ( Image: Tracey Johns )

The yolngo people of Australia perfuming their traditional dance.

Aboriginal men perform part of the Woggan-ma-gule ceremony with their contemporary interpretation of a creation story from the Yuin people during Australia Day celebrations in Sydney, Australia, January

Australian people painting their faces with the flag color.