Fraser Island, Australia....we camped here a few times.... Magical place but you need a 4 wheel drive to get around

Wreck of the Maheno, Seventy Five Mile Beach, Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia

Champagne Pools - one of the best things to do on Fraser Island in Australia

12 things to do on Fraser Island

The Fraser Island Barber Shop boys are warming up with a rendition of "Uptown Dingoes". Photo by @brockdharris #visitfrasercoast

aka the Warrigal, Warang, Australian Native Dog.found in Australia and Southeast Asia.measures 28 - 43 inches long with a - 14 inch tail.lots of inter-breeding with domestic dogs

It's a HEART shaped tree - Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia

Exploring Fraser Island - Nature's Most Perfect Island

Exploring Fraser Island, the world's largest sand island, has been a highlight of our trip around Australia. Read on for things to do on Fraser Island tips

Fraser Island, Australia...No place in the world like it.... Ocean, rainforest, lakes, dunes, amazing!

75 Mile Beach Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia (Fraser Island is a gateway from the Sunshine Coast)

A native, wild dingo near a tent on Fraser Island. Beware.

Fraser Island Camping Tips

The Maheno Shipwreck, Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia #FraserIsland #Maheno

The Maheno Shipwreck, Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia


Mudlo Rocks at Rainbow Beach can be selective in granting passage - observe beach conditions and low tidal window.

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