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a close up view of green and white circles on a plastic sheet that looks like legos
Nucor | Made for Good Campaign
Nucor | Made for Good Campaign on Behance
several different colors of glass with speckles on them
Innovative Flooring
Flex, solid rubber flooring. Available in 24 standard colors. Ideal for commercial use across all markets including healthcare, retail, corporate, even light industrial areas!
an orange piece of cloth with holes in the middle on a white surface, against a gray background
Berets — Tiffany Loy | Textile | Art
Berets - Tiffany Loy
several pieces of neon green plastic sitting on top of a white table next to each other
Textile-Embossing Instruments — Tiffany Loy | Textile | Art
many different colored pieces of glass on a white surface, including one with an odd shape
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colored glass + plastics