With so much heritage and sporting pedigree to embrace, it’s little wonder so many café racers are based on Italian machinery. A new book from Veloce, simply entitled ‘Italian Café Racers’, looks at a variety of examples…

Cafe Racer Books for us by us! Would you believe me, if I told you that a majority of books out there are targeted at bikers? More specifically, there are a ton of cafe racer books dedicated to this tight community.

McQueen's Machines: The Cars and Bikes of a Hollywood Icon by Matt Stone

The Cafe Racer Phenomenon (Those were the days…) Another example of what good cafe racer books should be like, this book totally encapsulates the lifestyle that was popular then when the Cafe Racer Phenomenon was at its peak.

The coolest looking bikes from a non-biker. Cafe Racers: Speed, Style, and Ton-Up Culture by Michael Lichter