french kiss margarita

French Kiss Margarita

French Kiss Margarita: blood orange juice, lime juice, Anejo tequila, sweet vermouth, basil leaves OOOH KISSS ME!

Stone Fruit Sangria

Stone Fruit Sangria

Stone Fruit Sangria - Martha Stewart Recipes, We like this recipe with diet ginger ale, a big splash of moscato wine and chopped up apples.

Elderflower Spanish Gin and Tonics

Elderflower Spanish Gin & Tonics

Before steel, before oil, before cars or guns or Coca-Cola, there was tea. | Photo by Anna Williams

What Tea Rituals Looks Like Around the World

"The thing you really need to do before you even decide to make a picture of food is learn how to plate. The best photo in the world cannot make bad-looking food look good.

Nothing beats a simple, delicious cocktail you can make in a big batch and serve without breaking a sweat. This peach shrub recipe might be just the ticket for your next outdoorsy shindig.

Peach Shrub Cocktail

gin and juice fizz

gin and juice fizz (almost makes perfect)

i really wanted to make a festive drink for the fourth of the july, but i was just finding in my brainstorming that red white and blue frozen cocktails are not really my thing. so instead i came up wi

frozen festive vodka bottle | Jamie Oliver | Food | Jamie Oliver (UK)

Frozen festive vodka bottle

Frozen festive vodka bottle A really fun, pretty idea for Christmas parties These decorative, icy bottle coolers are an impressive way to keep your vodka chilling I first saw this done in Sweden and I knew I'd have to try it out.