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A Scandinavian Design Strategy for Beating the Winter Blues

Art on floor Trend | French By Design

Here is a simple idea that I keep seeing trending everywhere, and is super easy to copy cat: art and frames on the floor. Instead of spending hours trying to find the perfect spot for your framed art, mirrors, or vintage frames, why not just display them

:: Havens South Designs :: radiator color, natural bronze

I wanted to be a pioneer in that sense; I wanted something for us, and for the people moving here. I envisioned it as a place that would be heavily involved in the community, supporting local artists, and focusing on smaller brands.

chairs. (sabine finkenauer)

A great Idea~ take photos of chairs or other things you like and make a collage and Frame them together. You might not be able to afford to buy all the things you love but you can still look at them and smile!

floor to ceiling corner gallery wall. yes!

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WEBSTA 🍂Today on Moon to Moon : Classic . 🌰 From the Home of ceramic artist