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Caitlyn Saltmarsh

Caitlyn Saltmarsh
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Tip #11: Use every inch you have... even underneath your bed! Save space with unused areas!

A new bed for David's room. He asked for a shelf above the bed as well to put books and a clamp reading light above the bed. Maybe extend the end of the bed for extra storage? Might make the bed a bit taller as well to make room for his Lego bins.


But Tokujin Yoshioka’s latest installation is an eminently spiritual space constructed out of reflected light, and little else.

Interior view of Tokujin Yoshioka's Rainbow Church. A 9-meter-high stained glass installation made with approximately 500 crystal prisms fill the space with rainbow colors as the light shines on it.

Rainbow Church by Tokujin Yoshioka. A window made of glass prisms by Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka .the clear space with the main feature at the back of the room with a crystallized window.