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Michaels interview June 5th

Michael joined Camel Treks Australia ( CTA ) as a school teacher on a five day camp program.

A students experience on a School Camp with Camel Treks Australia

Jack's Go Pro footage of his five day camping experience with school mates and Camel Treks Australia. Footage of camel riding, climbing and Aboriginal cultur.

Aunty Pauline - Adnyamathanha Aboriginal Elder with Camel Treks Australia

Aunty Pauline - Adnyamathanha Aboriginal Elder with Camel Treks Australia

Camel Treks Australia ... School Camp in the Central Flinders Ranges

Secondary School kids from Australian cities enjoy the learning opportunities in Outback South Australia with Camel Treks Australia.

Camel Treks Australia / School Camps

Camel Treks Australia offers camel treks for Australian secondary school groups with a leaning focus on Aborignal, European and Afghan History.

Camel Trek

Testimonial interview - German sisters Angela and Anita share their experience with Camel Treks Australis. Over half the interview is spoken in German.

Camel Treks Australia

Camel Treks Australia's home base explores a photographer’s paradise showcasing abundant wildlife, birdlife and rugged ranges incorporating the iconic Elder .

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