The Elusive Miss Ellison

A Regency novel This board is about my Regency romance The Elusive Miss Ellison. To find out more about this book and my other books, please visit…
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a man and woman dressed in period clothing standing next to a white horse with red hair
Elisa di Rivombrosa et La figlia di Elisa • Login
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Elisa di Rivombrosa et La figlia di Elisa • Login
Nicholas Stamford, from The Elusive Miss Ellison Regency, Jane Austen, Victorian, Handsome Men, Mannequins, Actors, Regency Era, Handsome
Nicholas Stamford, from The Elusive Miss Ellison
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Theo James on Sanditon and Delivering Dialogue While Dancing
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Hyde Park
Hyde Park on a Sunday - 1804. Links to an interesting article on Hyde Park from Old and New London: Volume 4. Originally published by Cassell, Petter & Galpin, London, 1878.
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The Fashionable in Hyde Park: 19th C. Satiric Poem
And countenance elate, High fed, from sordid want secure, From cares and troubles mean, How brave their bearing, to be sure, Their aspect how serene! A heart our little weaver had In others’ joy that shared. Himself though hungry, he was glad Hyde Park, Rotten Row To think how well they fared. It raised him in his self-respect To see how riches can, With nurture in a sphere select, Exalt his fellow-man. If, entering on this earthly scene,
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Gloucestershire - England
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Vivienne Westwood on X
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The Dress, Empire, Gowns, Costumes, Ball Gowns, Regency Gown, Victorian Dress
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SCM Verlag on Instagram: “"Die unnahbare Miss Ellison" von Carolyn Miller ist stark. Liebe, Romantik, spannende Wendungen: alles, was es für einen guten Roman…”
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De eigenzinnige juffrouw Ellison
KOK | De eigenzinnige juffrouw Ellison - Carolyn Miller
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Evening Dress, 1810.