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The appearance of algae in aquarium is not extremely bad, however, if left unchecked, it can cover the glass, change the colour of your tanks and diminish the decorations and appeal of your aquarium's environment                                                   When algae control failed  To avoid this," Aquarium Algae 101" is here help. This infographic will included all-you-need-to-know about algae , how to identify ,treatments and tips that you can follow to make a better environment for…

♥ Fish Care Tips ♥ Algae is a problem. Everyone who has (or had) an aquarium must have faced with this issue. If not treated well, your tank could end up with algae outbreak.

Tiger Shrimp (Caridina cantonensis sp. "Tiger") - Fresh N Marine

Tiger Shrimp (Caridina cantonensis sp. "Tiger") - Fresh N Marine


Useful chart, describing leaf position and shape as well as colour when nutrient deficiencies are present.

The Care of House Plants

Houseplants tip: Save the water from cooking pasta. Let it cool, then use it to water houseplants.If the soil of your houseplants get algae, loosen the dirt in your pots periodically. Open the doors and windows when temperatures permit to give your house