Straya. The only country where everything can and will kill you.
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Welcome to Australia…

Welcome to Australia…

Meanwhile in Australia

Real hero Spider-Man has his own car. Have you ever seen Spider-Man car? Check out this funny car pictures, which looks like Spider Man's Car.

Meanwhile in Australia...

Meanwhile in Australia...

Here are 10 hilarious photos from social media that made us laugh and we hope it did the same for you guys.

Haha You don't need to go to Australia to find a snake in a PC. Found a rattler in ours once. Thank GOD it was dead!! - JP

Australia MEME and Funny Pictures. get more of the funniest Australia MEME and Funny Pictures from here

Meanwhile In Jurassic Park

Meanwhile In Australia...

Funny pictures about How to scare your mailman. Oh, and cool pics about How to scare your mailman. Also, How to scare your mailman photos.

But at least they don't have any active volcanoes!

And Taipan snakes! And Blue-Ringed Octopus! And the magpies during mating season! They won't kill ya, but they sure can injure! Oh, and don't forget the Drop Bears.

Homestly I'm Australian so it's worse then man vs wild! But to be honest I think it was where I camped

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