In Full Bloom - The Candle Library Ceramic Range

A wise women once declared, "I'd rather have flowers on my table than diamonds around my neck". I'd love a never ending supply of the freshest of white blooms…
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a bouquet of pink flowers sitting on top of a table next to a bag of chanel
a white flower in a clear glass vase on a window sill with a quote
Scandinavian Simplicity
an image of white flowers that are on the ground
some flowers are laying on a table
Portfolio: Delphine Manivet Editorial with Elizabeth Messina
merci new york styling for delphine manivet campaign.
a woman standing in front of a flower covered wall with her hands on her head
Mara Hoffman's Devotional Collection's Second Offering 2015 Photography, Olivia Malone Styling, Richard Ruiz Hair/Makeup, Ashlee Rose Clay Model, Nathalie Hockey for Next
a bunch of pink flowers sitting on top of a white table next to some green leaves
a woman wearing a white dress with flowers in her hair
patti smith
a woman holding a bouquet of flowers and greenery
Luisa&Brimble | Bloglovin’
Ally bruce for the grounds florals by silva
a woman wearing a white fur coat with flowers in her hair and ring on her finger
My new winter inspiration.
a piece of paper with the words, with grace in your heart and flowers in your hair
Rule #32
after the storm. mumford and sons.
a woman holding flowers in her hands with a quote above it that reads, it takes courage to grow up and become who you really are
ekaterina pronina
there is a vase with flowers in it
Cosy and The Gang
Photo: Jenna Rowe