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Yes this is so beautiful it's on the right board

Have you ever run this fast? [gif] Totally worth the watch! OMG I laughed so hard

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Peter would probably laugh, Remus would just groan and tell Sirius to shut it, and James would pretend to be exasperated but secretly cracking up on the inside


Funny, but also horribly true. Not only did Voldemort die sooner than most wizards, but he also spent 10 years in shadow form hiding in Albania. << moral of the story: if you murder people and try to take over the world, you will die.

Little League Quidditch!!! THAT SOUNDS SO CUTE I'M SQUEALING

Little League Quidditch. Something tells me that's actually a thing in the HP universe. I mean, you KNOW James and Sirius were asking Lily if they could sign Harry up for it before he could even walk.