One of the most stunning bathrooms with a large bath tub, a basin with a full length pedestal and a close compact toilet with soft close seat

TOP 10 Stylish Bathroom Design Ideas

Dark Grey Venetian Plaster, Contrasts the stark white bathtub and ceiling giving this ultra modern bathroom the perfect finished look.  We offer Venetian Plaster Services of all types in the DFW Metroplex. Visit us online today!

Random Inspiration #37

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Shamelessly putting a bookshelf near the toilet is a dream-come-true.

Hey everyone, Another post about bathrooms, discovering their design, architecture and decor idea have been a hobby this week, checking p.

| P | Rough Venetian Plaster Walls without the final coat of wax | Agape tub

Countryside bathroom in Santo Stefano di Sessanio, Italy love the look of the faded black walls and the white tub the egg bath tub~divine!

Interior design inspiration for the bathroom

Grey cement walls with black flooring // sleek white ceramic bathtub with a wood bench // modern minimal bathroom design

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