Carl Catriona Dagger

Carl Catriona Dagger

Carl Catriona Dagger
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Crisp Cucumber Salsa...Serve immediately w/Chips...Yummy!

Minus parsley and seasoned salt. Add Dill weed, Cayenne, Salt and Pepper, Change sour cream to greek yogurt.

Homemade Veggie Nuggets

Homemade Veggie Nuggets: These are the perfect vegetarian alternative to the chicken nugget. Use baked skinny taste nuggets Crist recipe. Made with mashed carrots, broccoli, and golden beets. They are slightly sweet and perfectly crispy!

Binding Curves Tutorial

There are times when a quilt calls for a fancy, curvy edge! Fabric: "Romancing the Past " by Sue Daley for Penny Rose Fabrics, a di.

Ending the binding. I've struggled with this. A LOT! Got it in minutes with these instructions! Awesome!

binding -I make a small snip along where the binding strips overlap (rather than mark with pin or pen) This method works great, as long as you turn them in the right direction!

Personalised Baby Boy Quilt with truck plane by BlackTulipQuilts, $185.00 2nd Place in the QQQ Contest of the Month.. Well done Robyn, it was close!.

Bright personalised baby boy quilt, featuring appliqué truck, plane, train, car and rocket. This quilt is made to order - just convo the name

Colcha linda para menino!

I like the quilting. Tamarack Shack: Out of the Blue Quilt. great kids quilt both in applique and appropriate quilting.

And the second one. Bad lighting, but it's ready for some quilting... #showmethemoda

- I designed the layout myself, but I used book Vintage Farm Girl patterns for the blocks. I had to resize the red barns with the white windows from 12 to 14 to be the same size as the other barns.