A selection of healthy (and not so healthy) desserts to enjoy
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some food is sitting on a wooden plate next to a cup
Nutella Arancini Nutella Arancine Nutella deep fried rice balls
several desserts are arranged on black plates
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Crushed Amaretto biscotti, hazelnuts, Amaretto liquor, drizzled with warm chocolate and topped with Persian fairy floss
a wooden cutting board topped with different types of food
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Banana Slice made with Almond meal and honey
some food is on a plate and next to an oil bottle, nuts, and spoon
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Ricotta Fingers With handmade chestnut flour and honey. They make great dipping accompaniments to this delicious Fig Vinocotto
a plate with cake, ice cream and strawberries on it next to an orange juice
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Almond Ricotta Cake with Honey