Australian Native from Seed - to seedling

some of these plants will not cope with our frost winter- once big enough to go to our children in non frost areas
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Feather Flower Seeds Drought & Frost Tolerant Small Shrub Verticordia pennigera

An evergreen shrub growing to a height of half a metre, it has small linear green leaves and gorgeous, dainty, toothed, pink flowers in clusters.

RIVER SHE-OAK (Casuarina cunninghamiana)

RIVER SHE-OAK (Casuarina cunninghamiana) 50 seeds

RIVER SHE-OAK (Casuarina cunninghamiana)

Goodenia ovata - Native Primrose 15 seeds | eBay

Goodenia ovata - Native Primrose 15 seeds

Germination notes available. Collectors and exporters of quality Tasmanian native seed. Wildseed Tasmania/Seeds from Tasmania.


Sub-tropical Loam Full Sun Neutral Plants, Seeds & Bulbs

Blue Flax Lily Dianella Species Brevipedunculata Seeds | Fair Dinkum Seeds

Blue Flax Lily Dianella Species Brevipedunculata Seeds Packet of seeds.

Acacia melanoxylon - Blackwood 15 seeds

Acacia melanoxylon - Blackwood 15 seeds

Eucryphia lucida (A 678)

Leatherwood (Eucryphia lucida) This cool temperate rainforest tree, endemic to Tasmania, produces masses of white, showy flowers that have a honey scent.


Melaleuca wilsonii 200 seeds Australian Native "violet honey Myrtle" shrub

One of the most attractive of the Melaleuca species and will make an ideal garden shrub. Melaleuca wilsonii is frost and cold tolerant and isbest suited to cold and temperate areas such a Victoria, NSW and SA.


River, Swamp Saltbush Seed Fodder Silver Foliage Shrub Evergreen

Atriplex amnicola : The Swamp Saltbush ranges in form from prostrate to erect shrub. The branches spread along the ground, and may take root. The leaves are bluish-green.


OLD MAN SALTBUSH Seed - A Really Tough One Arid Living Frost Tolerant Fodder

Old Man Saltbush Seed - Arid Living Frost Tolerant Fodder Bulk Buy




Alpine Bottlebrush Seed Evergreen Tall Shrub Snow Tolerant Adaptable/Damp Soil

The Alpine Bottlebrush is a native that has a presence in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria at altitudes of to where it grows near swamps, river banks and damp areas. It will tolerate cold/snow but dislikes drought conditions.