classic chocolate caramel slice from donna hay

This easy slice recipe with sticky caramel and rich chocolate is a delicious pick-me-up for when you need something sweet.

Caramel Tiramisu | Donna Hay

Caramel Tiramisu: This simple cheat's tiramisu combines two of our favourite ingredients: caramel and coffee!

lemon tart

Donna Hay lemon tart - spread some homemade mascarpone on top once it's cooled and a layer of fresh blueberries (or your favourite fresh berries)

brown sugar cupcake pavlovas

Donna Hay (photographed by Chris Court): brown sugar cupcake pavlovas (with…

baked rice pudding

Donna Hay kitchen tools, homewares, books and baking mixes. Quick and easy dinner or decadent dessert - recipes for any occasion.

banana honey pikelets

Fact: These naturally sweet ‘n’ fluffy pikelets – from cuisine queen, Donna Hay – are the ultimate snack for big and little kids! Stack ‘em up and munch them down for brekkie, recess, after school or (Bake Cheesecake Donna Hay)

steamed treacle pudding

Steamed Treacle Pudding: this is one of many favorite desserts that I remember Mom making from my childhood. It requires steaming in a special basin (that mom still has)! MOM CAN YOU PLEASE MAKE ONE OF THESE!

baked pear custard

baked pear custard Note: Adjusted this recipe by adding a little Gray Goose La Poire for pear flavor.