These fructose-free Choc-Cashew bliss balls are a great treat to serve your friends and family to show them that quitting sugar can still be delicious! They are vegan and paleo friendly.

Choc-Cashew Bliss Balls

I Quit Sugar - Choc Chip Blondies - will try replacing brown rice syrup with raw honey.

Choc Chip Blondies

I Quit Sugar - Sugar-Free ANZAC Biscuits

Sugar-Free Anzac Biscuits

These sugar-free ANZAC biscuits taste exactly the same as the sugar and golden syrup variety but with no fructose, which means you can have more than one.

I Quit Sugar shares their recipe for sugar-free coconut ice from their updated Christmas Cookbook.

Sugar-Free Coconut Ice

They're an Aussie icon! Now you can enjoy sugar-free lamingtons with this great I Quit Sugar recipe.

Sugar-free lamingtons

To celebrate we've got three delicious sugar-free Australia Day recipes for you to enjoy - Lamb, Dukkah & Lamingtons

We're obsessed with these Cheesy Garlic Bread Muffins that have an oozy cheese and garlic butter stuffing! The recipes has been designed to use pantry and fridge staples, so have a peek and see if you can make them straight away. – I Quit Sugar

Cheesy Garlic Bread Muffins

If you love cheese and if you love garlic, you'll love our Cheesy Garlic Bread Muffins. Grab two for a fuss-free, filling breakfast. Or stash one in your bag for an easy go-to snack – I Quit Sugar

I Quit Sugar - Lamington Bites with Cashew Cream and Raspberry Jam recipe

Lamington Bites with Cashew Cream + Raspberry Jam

Zara says:" The lamingtons can be made the day before, but should be stored in an airtight container at room temperature (they will go hard if you put them

I Quit Sugar - Vanilla Pancakes with Raw Cashew Cream

Vanilla Pancakes with Raw Cashew Cream

These Paleo Vanilla Pancakes from our Swedish friend Hannah Göransson are the perfect breakfast treat.

Popcorn and Almond Crunch - I Quit Sugar

This delicious Popcorn and Almond Crunch recipe is so simple to make and it's fructose-free. // I Quit Sugar