It's beautiful...Chair full of succulents

It's beautiful.Chair full of succulents. (I could use my chair plant and replace the pot with a clay saucer so it better mimics a chair cushion as this does)

Grevillea Superb / Australia

Grevillea Superb - A medium shrub with large flowers in with a blend of salmon, apricot and lemon through out most of the year. Evergreen drought hardy shrubs with attractive foliage and masses of flowers. Ideal for a small hedge or scr

i love the simplicity and what an open feel these doors create

Doors into the garden from a fabulous greenhouse. Love the red geraniums

最近迷上了多肉植物,借用一下多洛库花园的图<3>_熊猫 - ChinaFace - 全球华人生活兴趣分享社区

Original Description: Succulents in a shallow bowl with white pebbles - use a white cereal bowl

Drought Tolerant Garden in Australia at Lambley Nursery

Garden Visit: A Parisian Stylist in Provence

Water four times a year: The dry gardens at Lambley are planted in large swaths of complementary colors and textures. Image via Lambley Nursery.

Aloe marlothii (Mountain Aloe, Flat-Flowered Aloe) → Plant characteristics and more photos at:

Aloe marlothii (Mountain Aloe, Flat-Flowered Aloe) → Plant characteristics and…