Quirky stuff of all kinds!

This board is for those quirky things I see and want to remember. There are some talented people out there! And some beaut studio spaces too!
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a teapot with two birds sitting on it's top and one is upside down
a colorful vase is sitting on a white surface
Carolyn Genders - Ceramic Art London
a colorful vase is sitting on a white surface with an orange and yellow design in the center
Ceramics - Carolyn Genders
a ceramic teapot with a handle that is shaped like a bird and has blue, black and white swirls on it
Slab Built Pottery Teapot by Rob Mangum in Western North Carolina
a group of planters sitting next to each other
Earth Darlings
a colorful vase sitting on top of a gray table next to a white wall in front of it
Pippin Drysdale - Wild Alchemy - sabbia gallery
a white and black vase sitting on top of a table
Shop Ceramics | Kellie Miller Arts
a red and green bowl sitting on top of a wooden table
Copper Tree Pottery
a blue bowl with gold rim sitting on top of a counter next to an iphone
a person holding a bowl in their hand with the caption'potters choice xcg - kevin kuo 2 coats iron luster over 2 coats smokey merlot
many different types of shoes are laying on the ground with rusted ones in them