Over 100 children's books and activities to go with them.

Children's books with crafts to match. From Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas: Children's Book Week - Share Your Favorite Children's Book Activities, Monday, May

Books make you...

Shadow Photography can create quite the artistic image. Showcase are here are truly outstanding photos that make strong use of shadows in a variety of ways.


"policy of employing wild animals as librarians" Charlotte Library Quotes _ Monty Python

30+ Australian History Books for Young Children_ compiled by My Little Bookcase

TEACHER RESOURCES: have as many novels in the classroom bookshelves for individual reading as possible. Aussie Book Lists: Australian History for Young Readers

This visual map of the Dewey system could be made interactive and is an accessible representation of the subject indexing at work - increasing the possibility of browse.

Dewey decimal library map that could be printed for display for student use. It is very detailed so I would suggest using it for middle to high school students as a reference.

Stuck on a life decision? What would Jane Austen do??

Become Mistress of Yourself Jane Austen always knows just the right thing to say. With this pocket collection of quotes from Jane’s novels and letters, you too, will have a quip for every situation.