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Maud dardeau

The tattoo idea here was totally to make a effect, and in this case it would become the great tattoo example, but nevertheless it is the Tattoo Sleeve

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NEW TODAY!! Charlie & Morgana

Charlie Hunnam & Morgana McNelis Are Happy As Can Be for Furniture Shopping Outing!: Photo Charlie Hunnam and his longtime girlfriend Morgana McNelis smile from ear to ear while heading to a furniture store together on Saturday afternoon (June in West…

Charlie-Hunnam-GOTS_LA-Street-Style-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (2)

Charlie Hunnam Will Return to Houston to Meet Fans: Photo Charlie Hunnam takes a phone call while out running errands on Wednesday (June in Los Angeles. The Sons of Anarchy star will be returning to…

Charlie Hunnam Sticks Out His Tongue to Taste the Rain

Charlie Hunnam Sticks Out His Tongue to Taste the Rain: Photo Charlie Hunnam rests against the side of the Thai restaurant Night + Market while waiting for a friend on Tuesday afternoon (March in West Hollywood, Calif.

The Ryan Reynolds Style Lookbook

WHERE: On the street in New York City WHEN: April 2017 WHY: This is 2017 dad style, defined (which is to say it's a very good thing when it's done well).