HSC Core Study: Social and Cultural Continuity and Change

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EDSS325 Assessment Task 2: Part A. Collection of resources gathered for assessment task. Resources used in lesson plan are label LESSON RESOURCE 1 and 2.

The end of China's One Child Policy - The End of a 40 year Gendercide

Baby Shower Gift Program

LESSON RESOURCE 1 - China Gendered Population Pyramid Graph (1950/2015/2050)
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Six expert predictions for China in 2016 - from its economy and share market to judicial system reform

Six experts from Sydney University share their predictions for China in 2016, from its economy to its public health challenges.

LESSON RESOURCE 2: Social Impact of One Child Policy in China
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China's one-child policy creates massive gender imbalance

Subscribe to our channel http://bit.ly/AJSubscribeThe Chinese government says its so-called "one-child policy" has succeeded in reining in its population.But...

China’s One child policy and pension

The Cagle Post

Trump Jerusalem Policy by cartoonist Monte Wolverton published on 2017-12-07 17:05:28 at Cagle.com. Monte Wolverton is best known as a contributor to MAD Magazine and son of Mad great Basil Wolv…

What really brought down China’s birthrate was its education and empowerment of…

Opinion | Amartya Sen: Women’s Progress Outdid China’s One-Child Policy (Published 2015)

What really brought down China’s birthrate was its education and empowerment of…

Statistics which show the effects and impacts of China's One Child Policy
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One Child Policy Infographic - JESSICA NECOR

This infographic is designed to educate viewers about China’s One Child Policy. It relates shocking statistics about female infanticide in ...

Society and Culture: Continuity and Change FLASHCARDS Activity
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Society and Culture: Continuity and Change

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This population pyramid show the age and sex. Females in China are declining…

Population Growth Policy in China

Since 1949 China’s population has experienced rapid growth. As a response to this rapid growth, the government introduced a series of extreme family planning programmes.

The Teen Economists: China's One Child Policy: a Good Idea? (China Part 1)
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China's One Child Policy: a Good Idea?

I'm not denying that China's one child policy is a sensible way to try and control their immense population problem: it is. But are the rights families and children are required to give up in order to enforce this too heavy a price to pay?

Gender preference and China's One Child Policy

China rethinks one-child policy; baby boom ensues - Vanguard

After a four day debate amongst the Chinese Communist Party, a conclusion was drawn: As of Oct. 29, China ended its infamous “one-child policy.” In an effort to balance gender...

The end of China's One Child Policy: Its Impacts
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Painful legacy of China's one-child policy

China has decided to end its decades-long one-child policy, Xinhua news agency has reported.

The Guardian, 15 March 1982.
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How China's one-child policy ended in failure

Reports from the archive explain how China implemented its controversial policy to control population growth

Political Cartoon: Population Control and Communism

Opinion | Relaxing China’s One-Child Policy (Published 2015)

Political Cartoon: Population Control and Communism

Why China ended its One Child Policy
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China's one-child policy explained

China Editor Carrie Gracie explains why China's leaders have decided to end the country's one-child policy.

The impact of China's one-child policy in four graphs | World news | The…

The impact of China's one-child policy in four graphs

Beijing has announced it is dropping the draconian rule after 35 years and is introducing a two-child policy instead

For an ideal population policy

For an ideal population policy|Op-Ed Contributors

Expectations are high that China could relax the family planning policy that allows most couples to have only one child. According to senior officials from the National Health and Family Planning Commission, the government is reviewing the population policy and considering adjusting it at an appropriate time.