Painted Ikea Trivets used as a cork board! Another great idea to hang on your cubby walls.

i do have lots of cork left over. DIY Cork Memo Board: Inexpensive cork transform into a contemporary office bulletin board. Candy-color pushpins organize invitations, hold business cards, and show off interesting ephemera. (Go to bhg for the how-to.

A simple pallet conversion to epic little workstation.

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I can easily imagine my kids spending countless hours playing with this DIY outdoor kitchen. Except I'll probably add gardening tools to it. My kids r obsessed with gardening flowers and watering cans.

Another Ikea hack awesome idea. Another tidbit for your cubby house interior decorating.

mommo design: IKEA HACKS FOR BOYS - Lillabo railway board-love this, we have these train tracks!

Ikea wire curtain thingamajig. Great to adorn your cubby walls with their art. Just need funky pegs

This is not an idea for the house per say, I just liked the idea of having a space for the kids art work n Ikea curtain wire (Dignitet) and office clips display a collection of children's art.

Ikea wall dots! A perfectly stylish and afforable way to decorate the walls of your cubby house. Plus plenty of space to hang up your things. They can be screwed on very easily.

mommo design: IKEA HACKS FOR KIDS - dots hooks wall with Losjon good ides for the closet wall

These are one of my favourite Ikea items. I have some at home. Poor mans Danish string shelving. If you squint. But seriously what an awesome idea turning it into a desk. This would be a great space saver in your cubby house.

Sweet little vertical workspace. Open, minimal, clean, and convenient. Mommo design: IKEA HACKS - EKBY GÄLLÖ from shelf to desk

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