Bed and hidy hole in 1.

bunk bed with nook and tons of other space saving ideas for kids' rooms

Sweet hideaway

Shelter of Nostalgia, an indoor treehouse by designer Worapong Manupipatpong at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center

a fairytale house for boys and girls

a fairytale house for boys and girls-could spin this and make a halloween themed house for decor. Maybe even a candy house for the holidays :)

very cool. modern kids' playhouse.

With instructions- This modern playhouse is an easy DIY project using pine plywood or OSB (oriented strand board), both of which are affordable board materials that can be placed outdoors after being treated with a suitable exterior sealer or varnish.

Fun little hideaway. IMagine reading books in there with your flashlight on.

Trundle Bed for Children Creatively Closes into Private Tent with Light