The simple things

Kids cardboard box craft idea, perfect for a kids bedroom or playroom. Twinkle lights make this castle feel more like a fairytale.

If only I had a paddock, an enormous tree and free sunny days to swing. Ahhhh

Cama colgante utilizando palés

Outdoor natural music instruments.

Sensory Gardens, today is the first I've heard of this. What a wonderful idea, especially for a lawn that just won't grow grass. My imagination is running wild!

Backyard warriors

Outdoor shadow play with a sheet and light source. Combines nature with dramatic play/storytelling (verbal literacy) + movement (motor skills) + prop-making (process art).

would be neat to have a bunch of these somewhere to play with

Campers create a tower of tree cookies in the Natural Play Area's messy materials zone. This zone encourages kids to interact with nature on a "messy level" through stacking tree cookies, playing in the sand, and more.

Puppet theatre

doorway puppet theatre - tension rod to hold up - maybe add a strip of velcro for signs/props

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